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School Activities



Art & Craft- Drawing & Painting

Art and Craft can be very effective development tool for children. When done in class or with friends, it can become a great way to socialize while still giving kids some privacy. They are also great sources of personal satisfaction, as kids will feel proud of themselves when they are able to finish a project.
The most obvious benefit of doing Art and Craft is that the activity enhances creativity. Art and Craft provides a way to create something unique out of raw materials and is a positive, constructive way for them to express their thoughts. It also help kids learn how to make choices, as they will have to decide along the way tools to use, how to decorate their crafts and how to use them once finished. Kids can learn to express their emotions and appreciate the importance of following their creative instinct.

Music & Dance

Music is a source of recreation & Dance is a good exercise. Keeping this in mind equal importance is given to music & dance. Our music room is well- equipped with latest music systems and traditional instruments. It helps to gain confidence in students as well. When young children are enrolled in music or dance classes, they receive the opportunity to have fun with peers while developing their intellectual, social and physical skills – plus coordination and discipline. They gain self confidence with their emerging abilities. It helps them to be creative and be part of the performing arts. dancing lessons are a good way to keep child physically active. It develop physical Activity,Talent,Creativity and Appreciation of the arts, Socialization with Group of Peers, Build Self Confidence ,cultural awareness.

Sports & Games

“Healthy mind lives in a healthy body” Children have an excellent opportunity to develop their interest and ability in games under the guidance of trained physical education instructors. Healthy competitive environment is created in the school.
Special efforts are made to develop participation of students in sports for good health and sportsmanship. Sports help kids develop discipline,to relieve stress and reduce depression. Sports help develop teamwork and leadership skills. Motor skills, strategic thinking, and even math skills are learned by playing sports.
Play ground area provide ample of playing opportunities to its students. Coaching and academy are being successfully run in the school premises. Every child in the school can take advantage of these facilities.

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