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NEWSLETTER Issue: Jan to June 2019….

NEWSLETTER Issue: Jan to June 2019….

Hi members and all readers,

Let me remind all of you, that we must make a firm commitment to involve in the activities of the PPA and also our Alma Mater – for it is WE who could make a difference and improve the Association.

So pitch in and help everyone!

A Warm Welcome And Open Invitation to All Past Pupils: Consider joining the team and Committee, voicing helpful suggestions, making a donation, (however small), enlisting new-comers and young school-leavers and also planning fund raisers to swell the fast diminishing funds. Let us all be more active so we can get things done for our much cherished school.

********GENEROUS HANDS ARE BLESSED HANDS ************(Proverb 29: 9)

We appreciate your immediate support & Generosity Today!

More details please contact Ira our treasurer on..0773566109 or 0112693157

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